Get an intelligent child

Hello dear couple or single woman!

I am willing to inseminate you who want children. I live in Fuerteventura at the moment and you cant visit me for insemination.

I believe it is a good idea in many aspects. There is many downsides going to a normal sperm bank both for me and you and by making my own insemination page I can probably give you much better quality and without huge costs.

I want to do this out of altruistic reasons. You, me and all of us in this world need good children in the future and when I am talking about good I mean in all aspects. Creativity, IQ, memory, deep understanding and ability of altruism.

Occupation: In the field of medicine

Thinking capacity: I have outstanding level of thinking capacity. I can solve the hardest tasks needing ability to put knowledge together. I am not only a good chess player. In my class in technical university I solved the things that all people with highest grades failed to solve. This takes not only high IQ but also creativity and I have it. Most do not have both. I do.

Exterior: Caucasian, have blue eyes, blond in the sun and I tan easily and get a medium brown beautiful skin. I am good looking. About eight on a scale of ten according to many women. I am 173 cm tall.

Personality: Outgoing. Leader. Listening. Want to understand things deeply before I act. Effective.

Emotional: Relaxed, happy, altruistic and caring.

Property: As little as possible for practical reasons.
I love to travel to remote locations for longer periods.

Preferred food: I love oranges, bananas and mangoes, green peas, raw vegetables, full grain rice or oats, almonds and vegetarian sushi. No allergies.

Sexuality: High ability. Heterosexual. Prefer brunettes and blonds with blue eyes and wide hips. Natural insemination is definitely not the idea. I only want to help with artificial insemination to keep healthy.

Politically: I vote for love, peace, understanding, for the environment and unity between all people in a balanced way.

Musical: I have a good ear for music, very good hearing and play the guitar occasionally.

Eyesight: Sharp.

Strength: Naturally high.

Physical condition: Very healthy. Strong immune-system .

I will give you directions where to go for the days when you want insemination depending on where you chose to stay. and also instruct you what to eat to increase your chances for good results.

For contact post a comment below and estimated arrival date in Fuerteventura!

Best regards


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