Hi Guys at Basic Eugenics!

Thanks for a good article, guys. I would like to inform you of something very important.

A movie to watch for people with high IQ believing in Eugenics:
Youtube – The most important video you will ever see

After that read Jared Diamond Easter Island’s End.
and Julian Cribb the coming famine pdf

Because of the above facts I just gave you I suggest that the numbers in your article be changed to strict one child policy, for at least 100 years, unless high IQ where 2 children are allowed above IQ 120 and 3 above IQ 130 and 4 above IQ 140. …or else agressivness might be a useful thing…

…and until that down-growth start to happen people with high IQ altruistically grow in very large numbers and make the less fortunate realize all the benefits of remaining childless using NLP, horror images and other kinds of tactics. Removing religion or changing religious practice step by step or at least making it extremely secular.

And I also suggest that all you who are intelligent enough join politics to make it more clever than it is today, live far away from the sea because of the tsunami risc, preferably on a mountain side, get bunkers with breathing protection against ash clouds because of large volcano eruptions in the future, arm yourselves against looters and also store food supplies lasting at least 10 years and also store seeds from all plants in your area.

Best regards
Bruce the celibate inseminator, IQ 135, Calm as the Buddha himself
Politically active to create more intelligent politics and actually save this world from complete self-made destruction and raise intelligence to higher levels.


About intelligentchild

A very special and lucky guy.
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